"The Patient is the Prescription"

Every smile is unique, and orthodontic treatment should not be any different. Our accomplished orthodontist, Dr. Alfred Griffin, believed that the amount of control and precision present in orthodontic treatment today was simply not enough to best serve the millions of people who trust braces to improve their oral health, so he began to develop something completely new.

After years of research and work, Dr. Griffin created the LightForce™ orthodontic system, the first huge leap forward in orthodontic treatment in decades. Officially launched mid-2019, this revolutionary system uses 3D-printed brackets to make your smile the center of attention and works to smoothly and comfortably ease your teeth into their optimal position.

Lightning-Fast Planning

Utilizing customizable LightForce software, our orthodontist can scan your smile and plan out your complete orthodontic treatment faster and easier than ever before. Once your brackets have been planned, they will be manufactured just seven to 10 business days after approval and sent on their way to you!

The Perfect Fit

LightForce utilizes the world’s first fully-customized 3D-printed brackets, which are formed to contour perfectly to individual tooth surfaces and work with your individual treatment plan, giving our orthodontist complete control over the most basic tool of treatment.

Unmatched Comfort

Each bracket is lower profile than the old one-size-fits-all system, meaning that they will be less conspicuous, more comfortable and extra efficient, meaning less overall time in braces! The road to your new smile has never been smoother and shorter.

The future of the LightForce system could not be brighter, and our entire team at Affordable Family Dental are excited to be a part of this revolution in orthodontic treatment in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and the world. If you have any questions about the LightForce system, please call us today at 617-889-2668. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.